Can you make me cushions/alter my bridesmaids dress/hem my pants/fix my zipper?

At this point, unfortunately, I have limited time for custom work and alterations.  I only take on a few commissions per year so I can focus on teaching. There are lots of fantastic local upholsterers and tailors who would love to take on your work (and will probably charge less than me).  

Why can't my 4/5/6/7 year old take your classes or camp?

I'm sure your child is lovely and I would enjoy having them as a student!  However, as enthusiastic about sewing as they may be, kids younger than 8, haven't developed the fine motor skills to cut fabric in a straight line, thread a regular size needle, or control the sewing machines (some of the bigger kids struggle with this as well!).  Some can't reach the floor pedal or aren't tall enough to reach the iron on the ironing board (and do you really want your 4/5 year old using an iron?).  This makes it frustrating for them to work independently and complete projects.  They will be a lot happier and confident if they wait until they are 8. 

Can you recommend a sewing machine?

Yes!  I'm so glad you asked!  You can see several sewing machines I recommend on the gift guide page and even buy them directly from there.  I also sometimes have machines used in class for sale at a huge discount, ask me about them!